Saturday 18th Jan 2020: Enrolment Day (9am-1pm at the studio)


Saturday 1st Feb: Term 1 Classes Commence

Monday 2nd March: Labour Day (STUDIO CLOSED)


​Wednesday 8th April: Term 1 Classes Finish

Thursday 9th April - ​Monday 27th April - STUDIO CLOSED SCHOOL HOLIDAYS & ANZAC DAY

​Tuesday 28th April: Term 2 Classes Commence


Friday 15th May: Val's Anniversary (STUDIO CLOSED)

Sun 31st May- Mon 1st June: BAL Tap Exams (pending confirmation)

Monday 1st June - Western Australia Foundation Day (STUDIO OPEN)


Friday 3rd July: Term 2 Classes Finish

Monday 6th July - Saturday 18th July: MFOD Competitions (pending confirmation of dates)

Saturday 4th July - Friday 17th July: STUDIO CLOSED FOR SCHOOL HOLIDAYS

Saturday 18th July: Term 3 Classes Commence

Friday 25th September: Term 3 Classes Finish

Saturday 26th September - Friday 9th October: STUDIO CLOSED FOR SCHOOL HOLIDAYS

Saturday 10th October: Term 4 Classes Commence

Monday 28th September: Queens Birthday STUDIO CLOSED

Sunday 22nd November: Concert stage practice MANPAC


​Wednesday 25th November: Term 4 Classes Finish


​Friday 27th November: Concert Dress Rehearsal MANPAC

Saturday 28th November & Sunday 29th November: VHSD Revue Concert MANPAC


2021 - 26th-28th Nov

2022 - 25th-27th Nov

2023 - 24th-26th Nov

2024 - 29th Nov - 1st Dec

2025 - 28th-30th Nov